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The following reviews are from some initial readers of "Understanding Me". They are honest, unedited reactions.

Sandro Forte. CEO - Forte Financial Group/ Certified Professional Speaker/ Philanthropist/ Podcast/ Author/ Mentor

“You are and always will be my inspiration.  Your strength and ability to look at yourself is amazing.   To have been able to publish your story shows the strong woman that you are. You are not the worthless person you thought you have been.  Far from it.  Time to be proud of yourself .”


My Mum

"I started reading Claire's book just one chapter a day as a discipline to make sure I could digest every word and morsel of advice, experience, learning and more.  Her book is without doubt an amazingly frank and honest account of life living with addiction - alcohol, drugs and anorexia.  I cannot begin to imagine what life has been like for her and how she continues her fight each and every day for calm, purpose and control. As she says.... she is still fighting for her life and draws on the love and support of her friends and her dear family. 


I have nothing but admiration for Claire and how she finds time to buddy others knowing this act of service is contributing to her recovery. In my opinion this book should be on every reading list of every seat of learning with a special focus on the psychology of addiction. Claire's story is raw and heart breaking. But ...... she is hopeful, and she knows she may be able to change the lives of others through her own experience."


Anita Brightley-Hodges

“You should be so proud of this book Claire! It really was a privilege to read, and to get to know different sides of you through what felt like project that’s been shaped with passion and a lot of hard work. I do realize I can’t actually relate to most of the subjects you’re talking about, yet I was still amazed how it inspired me and gave advice that can be applied in all aspects of life.”


August Abrahamsson

“I couldn’t put it down. What a courageous, inspirational book. You should be so proud of the strong woman you are.”


Victoria Scott

“Claire’s brutally honest memoir is a testament to her struggles, her strength, and her deep, hard-won understanding of herself. Her writing is raw, painful, and often surprisingly funny as it takes us on her lifelong journey: it is a journey with no end. Anyone (which means all of us) who struggles with mental illness or knows someone who does, would benefit from her words. There is so much wisdom and truth in this book.


Claire, you are the purest, kindest, and strongest person I have ever met. May the beacon of hope you send into the universe always shine its light back at you. I am so glad you are in this world.”


Andrea Terzis Thompson 

“A very honest, brutal at times, raw throughout account of personal struggles, fears and loathing’s, pain, despair, recovery, relapse, more pain, and finally… finally self-respect, honesty, love, compassion, and self-preservation. It’s a lot and it’s incredibly sad but equally rewarding. You are an extraordinarily brave woman. Thank you for sharing so much.“


Matt Graff

“I found parts of it made me really look at myself, and that's not always easy. It's also very supportive in that it makes you realise how many of us probably have or do struggle. And it feels very hopeful. I'll probably read it again when I need to.”


Naomi Borman

There is such honesty and openness in this book that it sometimes felt as if I was reading straight from a diary. At other times Claire’s voice shifts to that of a wise friend - sharing advice on how to live a meaningful and joyful life while also supporting those around you. Through this weaving of memoir and self-help, ‘Understanding Me’ takes the reader on a journey through one person’s harrowing experiences while simultaneously asking us to examine our relationships to ourselves and others. Despite Claire’s struggles, her tenacity shines throughout the book, leaving us with a sense of hope and positivity for her and humanity. 


Gretchen Baudenbacher

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